SAP ASE Edge Edition Licences

Sold exclusively through SAP partners like Influential, SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise, Edge Edition provides the same benefits as the ASE Enterprise version with just a few select limitations and restrictions.

Low Price Point – High Volume Processing

SAP ASE Edge is priced and packaged for the mid-market.
It’s an ideal choice for systems with high volumes of processing which run on machines with 4 cores or less.
Upgrade from the discontinued SAP ASE SBE to remove the limits on memory, storage and the number of users.

Why Choose SAP ASE Edge from Influential?

  • ASE Edge is only available to purchase through SAP partners:
    Buy with confidence from SAP Gold Partners Influential Software
  • Influential has 25 years experience in Database Management, Data Warehousing and BI Solutions
  • SAP ASE relational database server modernises and dramatically speeds up transaction-intensive applications

Edge Edition Includes Bundled SAP Extras

  • A limited runtime license of SAP Replication Server for warm standby of ASE Edge data.
  • A premium edition for disaster recovery purposes
  • ASE options provided in the SAP Adaptive Server, platform edition
  • Now includes as standard many previously additional licensed options

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